30-day Pinterest cook-up

I am actually very excccited about this idea! I haven’t talked to Pascale about it but I do hope she likes it! Since she’s quite the pinner…. I am challenging her to do cook-ups of recipes she’s pinned. And I would do the same. 15 days for her and 15 days for me. So a whole month of cook-ups. It could be anything really: a simple soup, eggs on toast, salads etc. It doesn’t even have to be big portions or anything. Just cook for one.

So “sista”… how does it sound? Ready or not? (here I come, you can’t hide…) OK, I’ll stop here. Or Pascale, maybe you can “sing” lol! 🙂


3 October 2016 (Edit) – So Pascale accepted my challenge and the first post went on Instagram yesterday! Check out twosistersacrossborders on Instagram to follow our 31-day journey of cooking and eating of course!