Travelling with kids


This year I was lucky enough to have some time off work (six months of maternity leave) so we decided we’d take a longer trip along with my husband’s work commitments in Bodrum, Turkey. While I was excited at the idea of finally being able to travel and avoid Dubai’s excruciating heat…. My inner self started panicking at the idea of travelling with a two year old and a two month old… to top things off, we had my parents plus my mother in law! YAY

A four-hour and a half flight to Istanbul, two hours transit, one and a half hour flight to Bodrum, and finally a road trip of roughly one hour. Pheew!

We missed our connection to Bodrum, followed by our next flight being delayed by one hour. That mixed with a tired toddler and baby, plus no English speakers in Turkey. I’ll stop here.

So, here are a few survival tips for travelling parents:

  1. Make a list of everything you need to bring. Yes, I packed half of the house but at least i did not spend half my time rushing to the shop to buy missing items!
  2. Stating the obvious, but make sure you’re all packed two days before departure date – you will still be adding stuff up to the very last minute
  3. Mummy, pack yourself a lunch and eat at takeoff– by the time lunch is served on the plane you will have no hands to swallow any of it
  4. Pack a snack bag (not just for the kids but for your own sake) – I made brownies and mango roll-ups. Keeps kids busy and keeps mummy’s energy levels up!
  5. Pack a few toys, some new and some old. My kiddo does not like headphones. Puzzles, Cards, small cars are a good idea. Forget the PlayDoh.
  6. Make sure your carry-on has two changes of clothes and jumpers. It’s always freezing cold in the plane and you’d avoid drama after his drink spills because of a two-second turbulence
  7. Always, always have some food the children can munch on while they wait – there is nothing worse than a hungry child and unavailability of food he’s not accustomed to!
  8. Do not party or drink alcohol the day before

4 thoughts on “Travelling with kids

  1. Gaëtane says:

    Moi, gaëtane, maman des 2 sisters across borders trouvent genial leur idée de creer ce blog, une bonne façon de toujours rester en contact et de partager leurs experiences.
    Julie a su créer et nous faire aimer sa cuisine,une cuisine goutee, de decouvertes en decouvertes qui je l’espère moi aussi j’arriverais a etre vegetarienne.
    Je suis surtout pour des légumes crois en la nature. La Terre qui nous nourrit.


  2. fouronaworldtrip says:

    aww that’s so nice to share a blog 🙂 my sister and me communicate a lot through facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, … but your idea really rocks it!

    Hope you can discover quick from your complicated way to travel to turkey and that you have a great time there 🙂


    • Two sisters across borders says:

      Thanks fouronaworldtrip! we only just started but i hope we carry on because I am having a lot of fun already even if i don’t have much time with the kids, a full-time job etc. I really like your idea and please give some tips on how you’re managing a relaxing trip with kids!

      Liked by 1 person

      • fouronaworldtrip says:

        i know, it can be really challenging finding time to blog but i really hope to read something from you from time to time! And i hope as well that i can share tips to spend relaxing vacation with kids as this means i found them 😂


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